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As you may know, happy customers enjoying a wonderful product can be translated into CASH. “Manipulation Secrets” it’s a superb product that was created by a true professional that knows the ins and outs on how to be the perfect ethical manipulator.

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If you scroll down after reading this, you will find TONS of affiliate resources that will aid you greatly, and all of them were created for your convenience. I know you’re always busy, so that’s why you have l a plethora of “copy-paste” affiliate tools at your disposal that will generate commissions for you!

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Email Swipes

E-Mail #1


How you can get everything from everyone!



If you have ever wanted to manipulate everyone and get anything that you want from them, then I have really exciting news for you. I just came across something that you’re going to love.

It seems that Dean Elderman really knows his stuff and the tips that he reveals in his manipulation course are really powerful and it seems that “Manipulation Secrets” is becoming the new “bible” of manipulation psychology.

You have the ability to persuade and subtly manipulate people to do your bidding and trust me, when you know these secrets your life will change radically as you gradually achieve all of your objectives.

This is one of the best courses that I’ve read in a long time and I’m sure that you’re going to be delighted with “Manipulation Secrets”.

There’s nothing like this available anywhere else, so I recommend that you check it out:

I will talk to you soon,



E-Mail #2


Become a master persuader!



A few days ago I sent you an e-mail regarding how you can take the direction that you want to with your life. This is a quick reminder.

“Manipulation Secrets” is taking the internet by storm and hundreds of happy customers are enjoying the *AMAZING* benefits of becoming a master persuader and ethical manipulator.

You can…

-Make anyone agree with your ideas.


-Shape your life the way that YOU want to.

-Persuade and manipulate the person of your choice to YOUR advantage.

And much more!

If you want to finally change your life, then I seriously recommend that you visit Dean’s website as the price may rise if there’s a massive influx of visitors.

Don’t delay and grab a copy now!




E-Mail #3


Last chance (get in while you can)



Time is running out since the price for “Manipulation Secrets” may increase in the next few hours.

“Manipulation Secrets” is, in  my opinion, a superb product that is highly underpriced. The sheer volume of information and revealing manipulation strategies that it contains are without a doubt, the best investment you could ever make.

This is like *nothing* that you’ve ever seen before. If you’re tired of the same old and rehashed hypnosis information, then “Manipulation Secrets” will pleasantly surprise you.

“Manipulation Secrets” is becoming the new revolution and I’m sure that this course is going to change many lives for the better. I can absolutely guarantee that.

Give it a shot and you won’t regret it!




E-Mail #4

Subject: Aren’t you sick of hypnosis experts?



Some hypnosis “experts” are spreading misinformation all over the internet. You can easily manipulate almost anyone and virtually get them to do your bidding almost effortlessly (completely ethically, of course); *without* hypnosis.

In fact, “Manipulation Secrets” doesn’t involve hypnosis or black magic. All of the strategies and techniques that Dean shows are completely ethical and they’re so incredibly powerful that they should be guarded from the general public.

Luckily for you, you can have access to these secrets now!

Aside from all of the benefits that you’re getting when purchasing “Manipulation Secrets”, you’re also taking home a really nice gift: Dean’s dynamite customer service.

You can ask questions of Dean every time you have any doubts and he will share his manipulation and persuasion wisdom.

Isn’t that great?

Grab a copy NOW!



E-Mail #5

Subject: Are you still being controlled by others?



Are you still being controlled and manipulated by others?

Well, if you are sick and tired of everyone telling you what to do all of the time, then click on the link below as “Manipulation Secrets” will help you *finally* take back control of your life.

By being able to manipulate almost anyone at will, you’re not only going to get everything that you want but you also block others’ attempt at manipulating you.

It is quite natural to not want others to control you. Click on the link below and you’ll discover how.

You can now change your life and it’s only just a few clicks away.

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.



Blog Posts

Manipulative Psychology- What Is It and How Can You Use it to Enhance Your Life

Maybe you’ve heard the term manipulative psychology, but more than likely, this is a new term to you.  In the general sense, it’s about reprogramming your ideas and beliefs to getting what you want.  It’s also better getting other people to reprogram their ideas and beliefs about you.  This way, you’ll get what you want out of yourself and out of other people.

At first, most people may have just read that and thought that this is some evil force that is to be used for achieving bad things.  In reality, it’s about changing your life and getting what you want out of.  You’re not trying to hurt yourself or other people.  You’re just trying to make your life a little more enjoyable.

Growing up we all have negative experiences in our life that we’d like to get rid of.  For some reason, we seem to let these experiences hinder our growth and they continue to come back whenever we’re trying to expound our boundaries or limits.

This can be detrimental as to how you feel about yourself.  And if you don’t feel good about yourself, other people will see this and they’ll see you as weak and more than likely take advantage of you.

This is why it’s important to reprogram your mind and subconscious to get the results you want from yourself and from other people.  Before you know it, you’ll be looking at your life in a different scope.  Not only that, but you’ll be teaching other people how to treat you and you’ll be able to benefit from what they have offer you.

So as you can see, you’re not doing anything harmful.  You’re just helping yourself out and in doing so, you’re getting what you want out of other people so you can enrich your life even more.  Manipulative psychology is something that you can use to better yourself and finally take an action based approach instead of a reactionary approach.

If you want to discover how you can use manipulative psychology to your advantage, the click on the link below:

Manipulative Psychology- Discover How Get What You Want From Other People

When you hear the term manipulative psychology, your ears might open up just a little wider.  After all, this isn’t your everyday term.  Nor is it something that sounds boring.  It definitely has an interesting ring to it.  Of course, those of you who know what it is, might think of mind control as being used for good and for bad.

You might think of a cult leader that is trying to manipulate his followers into doing what he wants.  While this is a very real possibility, it doesn’t have to necessarily have a bad feel to it. 

For exaple, you might heard of reciprocation before. Believe it or not, this can be a manipulative technique. Reciprocation means that if you give someone something eventually they’ll want to reciprocate back by giving you something of value.  If they don’t, they might feel guilty and this is a feeling they want to remove.

One of the best uses of manipulative psychology is to benefit your life by getting what you want out of others.  At first, this might sound really bad to you.  However, if used properly, you can use it to benefit you and the lives of those around you.  As you can see by the example used above, it’s not necessarily about causing harm to other people although some people use it for that.

It’s about making your life better by getting positive things out of other people that will help you get ahead in life.  And more than likely, if you have a better life then you’ll try and enrich the lives of those around you too.  As you can see, manipulative psychology can be a great thing depending on how it’s used.

If you really want to reprogram your thoughts and the way other people treat you, manipulative psychology is a great way to do so.  It will help you get rid of negative of thoughts and feelings you have about yourself.  It will also help you get the most out of other people so you can live a fuller, happier life.

It’s about reprogramming yourself for to achieve the maximum success. And then understanding how OTHER PEOPLE work – so that you can secretly manipulate them to get EXACTLY what you want. Click the link below for more info:

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"Manipulation Secrets" is a flagship product that it’s repeatedly proven to sell over and over, so it’s a great idea to get on board and join the hundreds of successful affiliates promoting my product.

I’m sure that you won’t regret it!

Thank you!

Dean Edelman.

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